Never Again!

Gaza Strip

N Gaza Strip

How many times can we claim
“Never Again”
As justification for our
Systematic genocide!

“Never Again”
Has worked time and again,
To control the world’s media
Revisiting Nazi death camps
So we will never forget

As a Jew,
I must support Israeli atrocities
Or I am labeled anti-Semitic,
Ignoring the actual definition of Semitic
Which includes both Jews and Arabs!

How can I stand by,
And watch my fellow Jews,
Destroy Palestinian homes,
Palestinian schools, hospitals, and mosques,
And hold fast to “never again”.

When will my Israeli brothers and sisters
Awake from their collective reliance
On a “rational” that can no longer
Overlook the fact
That the oppressed have become the oppressors

That integral to the strategy of
“Never Again”
Is the erroneous conclusion
That all and anything
Is acceptable in the prevention of its re-occurrence.

I embrace the concept of “Never Again”,

But not as a rallying cry

To obliterate, decimate, and subjugate,
my brothers and sister Palestinians.
To this I will take a stand!

But not as a rallying cry
To obliterate, decimate, and subjugate,
my brothers and sister Palestinians.
To this I will take a stand!



Hey y’all,

I’m trying to win a hard copy addition of Ram Dass new book “Poishing the Mirror”. If I get 15 people to get involved in this Urgent Action Network, which is a pretty cool thing in itself, I can get the book. More important then this however is the possibility of winning a trip for two to Maui and staying in RD’s guest house for 3 days! I get entry tokens for doing different things to promote this Be Here Now campaign. So check it out

Amusement Park

Good evening friends and neighbors!

As any of my various characters might ask at this particular time,

What’s Shakin?

and you would respond if you were astute enough,

There ain’t nothin shakin but the leaves in the trees,

and they would’t be shaken if there were no breeze!

That’s straight from the horses mouth, in this case the mouth it issued from was my Uncle Dave.

So, here’s a poem that also was written decades ago, around 1977-78

I traveled down to Big Sur with a woman named Libby. Very short lived relationship.

I ate some magic mushrooms for the first time, and it was sooooo beautiful!


Sunshine and smiles,

the fire dances with life

the air smells sweet

and the Songbird sings of love.

The Great Mother is content
the river flows freely
whilst her daughter chooses flowers for her hair
and the Songbird sings of life.

The redwoods stretch their branches to the heavens
The mountains silently offer their prayers
and the sweetness of life penetrates all
and the Songbird sings of God.

For we all dwell in the heart of God
we can all learn the songs of the Songbird
but we cannot keep her for ourselves
for she sings of the life and love of God,
for all living things, and all this is God.

Sing me a song of life and love
and I will listen with delight
How sweet your song, how tender and soft
Had I not tried to hold you,
I might still be able to hear your song.

Let me sing to you of the God that I know
and see that it is the same.
Would that you again rested on my shoulder
i would not restrain your flight
sing to me sweet sister of life, love, and God.

Let me once more walk within the woods
and laugh and sing of God’s perfection.
Let me dwell in the canyons
Let me sit on the mountain peaks
and bathe in the splendor of all that is God.

Your here and gone in the blink of an eye
So precious, so loving and so aloof.
Let me but taste the nectar of your sweet song
and I will not hunger or want,
for I will have fed on the love of God


Hey , listen up! Big news, stop the presses,

hold the front page,

Nightmare in Slow Motion

My first book of poetry by revolutionary, recluse, and general roust-about

Bar Ponneck, will hit the shelves sometime during the week of Nov. 14th.


So, here we are on Halloween day. I’m sitting in my new apartment up here in Windsor, CA. with nothing to do. I can look at my poetry, watch old movies, or old news clips of myself, when I was someone. Really just one of my many persona’s, masks, identities.

You know I never did like clowns, always saw the seedy underbelly. Carnivals are the same way. Take a look at the face just below this text. Is that a happy face, or a scary face? To me it’s definitely scary. So, you might be asking yourself, what the heck is this poem about? A fair and balanced question. When I first met Robin Louise, I felt like she was on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, then the other images fell into place, along with the tempo of the poem.



It’s a merry-go-round world
with it’s big brass rings
She’s a roller coaster romance
as she dips so she sings.

It’s the haunted house
and the tunnel of love
the depths of the valley’s
and the Heavens above

It’s three for a nickel
five for a dime
it’s a game of illusion
forget those concepts of time.

C’mon brother
win your little lady a prize
bloated head and bloodshot eyes

We bump our minds on bumper cars

drown our sorrows in neon bars

It’s a wrenching gut
a timeless trip
it’s a queasy stomach
from the spinning whip

it’s the house of mirrors
it’s the busted glass
it’s love in the big top
it’s a horse’s ass

it’s cotton candy
it’s the sweetness of life
it’s time on the back streets
it’s the cut of the knife

it’s a dog shit obsession
it’s the ring masters plight
it’s an all day sucker
it’s the clown’s angry bite

it’s a paranoids playground
a romantics retreat
it’s  a space in time
where all lovers must meet

It’s the tears
and the laughter
it’s the light
and the dark

Admission is free
the abode is the Park!


The Scream!

(Some time ago)

Loneliness and Fear

That’s whose running the ship now!

It’s so bloody dark

I stand frozen, unable to move

Unable to think

About anything other

Then how fucking scared I am

The fear Gets caught in my throat

So palatable

I almost choke

My extremities are cold

Yet perspiration washes my face

 soaking my head!

So tangible is the fear, I can

 Taste it, acrid and sour

 fear I can stifle the scram not a second longer!!

Dead is dead—August 21, 2013, A day of infamy!


1429 killed in Syria,

Chemical Weapons strike.

Men, Women, and Children,

Sarin gas does not discriminzte

dead is dead

No matter who we hate!

3 youths killed in Yemen,
Another Drone strike, again
Innocent victims, in an illegal war
A pilotl-less plane, like a video game
Dead is dead,
No matter who’s to blame
!Man goes on rampage,
Kills 22 in an American High school
Young boys, girls, teachers as well,
Then dies by his own hand,
Dead is dead
No matter on whose land
Suicide bomber, takes 46 life’s
Becomes a martyr in Allah’s house
Is there a place at Allah’s table
For the senseless 46 who died
Dead is dead
No matter how we cried

1,500 dead in one day,
A day of wasted life’s,
A day of broken hearts
A day of mourning
A day of innocence lost
But, dead is dead,
No matter what the cost!


What is love


Love is what remains after

It’s been used for the umpteenth time

Like an old rag, rinsed out, squeezed,

And still gets it clean.

Love is the hard work,

the long haul,

Long after the spit and polish

no longer retains its shine.

Love is present regardless

of recognition or thank you.

Love is a lifetime!

no ego, no strings, no conditions.

Love is so easy when all is good,

when the shit hits the fan

Love is what stays the night,

like a lighthouse guides you to a safe port

Love was once upon a time, about long embraces and passionate kissing

about physical attraction, about frivolity and joy.

love is the only way,

Love is the glue

That can mend the broken shards of this world!

By Bar Ponneck — 2010

The Naked Truth


The Naked Truth

He stands before you butt assed naked
Stripped of all preconceptions, false assertion or allusions
All that he once convinced himself to be true
Now lies before him in a dark, dank, putrid puddle
Who he once believed himself to be
Has been thrashed and scattered to the four directions
With the cyclonic force of an oppressively hot sirocco wind
All of his persona have been revealed, his masks are now transparent
He pathetically attempts to engender qualities such as
Compassion, empathy, kindness, and honesty
But, he is as Teflon, nothing sticks
Like a frightened animal, his eyes on the lookout
His movements, his actions, are purely instinctual,
All that exist is the moment, the present, Right Now!
Exposed to the world, he cringes in complete and utter disgrace
He craves for an exit, a means of escape, to disappear
Suddenly aware of his nakedness, he vainly attempts to cover himself

Likened to Adam in the garden

A man beaten down, brutalized, defeated

Trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered life


My Guardian Angels


Tattooed Angels

Protectors of what’s right,

Forever vigilant

All day and all through the night!


Ganesh, Elephant God,

Loyal son of Shiva and Parvati

Embodiment  of  selfless devotion

Provider of strength and honesty


The winged Sufi Heart

Coupled with Yod Hey Vav Hey, the holiest name,

A constant reminder of Who I really am,

And from whence I came!


Phoenix, symbol of rebirth

Arise from the fires of hell

To reclaim thy rightful place,

On the throne from which I fell


Oh Great Buddha

Bodisattva, the compassionate one,

Exorcize my demons, my suffering,

Sitting beneath the Bodhi Tree, thy will be done


imagesOm Mani Padme Hum

Adorns my left arm

Beneath the Double Dorje, Dharma Wheel,

Stating “Life just IS” It is a magical charm


Peace symbol amidst Growing Vines,

a life long bond of daughter and Dad,

Symbolic of ever growing and expanding love

Alive, vibrant, political, for this I’m am forever glad


Celtic Tree of Life, Sustainer of  beauty and grace,

 making connections with all that is alive,

Encompassing the dark and the light

Enclosed in a circle of wholeness,  where all life does thrive

1612872 images

Shekinah, Quan Yin, Gaia, Great Goddess,

Resting in a Pyramid of Power

She is our foundation,

 so necessary by which to scale the tower


We find the ancient holiest of names,

Emblazoned in a ring of fire

Forbidden to be spoken or written

With the promise to take you higher!


A beating heart, Star of David, and Om,

Union of opposites and the universal sound

Life, Compassion, Peace, & Love,

The Divine presence is all around!


My Angels, guardians of body & soul

Artistic symbols of love & hope

Battling a debilitating  disease

Giving me the will and strength to cope


Baruch HaShem






It’s a New Day!1

photo-on-8-5-13-at-4-55-pm2.jpgHere goes nothing!

The Restaurant Roust About.

I’m sitting right outside one the best breakfast joints this side of the railroad tracks, and I venture to say all of Petaluma as well.

The Place: Hallies Diner, 125 Keller St.

(707) 773-1143

Take it from one who loves breakfast, this is the place to be. You can tell by the fact that there is almost always a short wait. But, the wait is most definitely worth it!! One of my favorites is the Salmon Scramble. Anything on the menu is going to make your taste buds stand up and say Hallaluya!

If you don;t want to wait, you can try the Tea Room, right down the street on Western Ave. Also very good grub, but their service is considerably slower then Hallies.

The Coming of the New Morn!

Before I turn you on to my latest poem, I would like to pull on your coattails about something. I am a little concerned that no one has taken the time to leave a comment, a critique, or any other type of feedback on any of my writings. You would think after the amount of time I have had this blog up, that some one would have had something to say.

This blog, my poetry page at and my Gofundme, fundraising page, provide me with the access I so desperately need to another world, a world of words, where I can play with the words and create stories, poems and hopefully reconstruct a reality that is not completely trashed, that has a vision of re-establishing a life that is whole onto itself, that has enough substance within itself to be satisfying, and enjoyable and can provide me with the one thing that I am sorely missing – LOVE!
Your comments and feedback will be the creative force, that will set the stage for me to be the best I can be.

So when you read a poem or you happen upon Yid and the Kosher Pup, let ne know what you think!

The Coming of the New Morn!



Gather around people
Wherever you are
Whether you travel
By foot, train or car
Listen dear friends
And heed that I Warn.
Tomorrow when you wake.
You will greet.
The New Morn.

When all information.
Is controlled by the state.
It won’t make any difference.
If you are early or late.
The past is history.
Today you were Born.
Rise up, stand in line,
And hail.
The New Morn.

Remote control Drones
Are coming here,
New weapon systems
No pilot has to steer
Domestic spying, and killing our own
It’s the calm before the Storm.
Hold your tongue, Shut your mouth,
And salute
The New Morn.

The times are changing
So far, we’re losing the fight
Blurring the edges
Between what’s wrong and what’s right
Choosing to walk the path of peace.
Or fall in lock step, and wear the uniform
The time to choose grows ever so thin
CHOOSE NOW, or lick the boots of
The New Morn.

We’re destroying our Mother,
Poisoning the waters, wreaking havoc all over the lands.
Fukushima is radiating the seas
Big oil is fracking and drilling, and pipe-lining Tar Sands.
Monsanto has plans to patent the planet.
People spill into the streets; the nations flag is worn.
Police in riot gear,
Are there to enforce
The New Morn.

So wake up, Right Now!
Herald the new day!
A new Party has taken power,
They promise their going to stay.
Revolutions in the air
Yesterday is dead, no time to sit and Mourn.
The time is ripe for change.
In this moment it’s the People’s turn
To Seize the New Morn!

There is no more!


There Is No More!

Now that Afghanistan is winding down
A new battlefield must be found
Preferably a place with internal strife
Where we can promise a better life
Assurances that no boots will touch their soil
Just as long as we have access to their oil
Innocents cry and wail, rage demands holy Jihad
Osama, Saddam, and now Assad

Regime change in Syria and Iran
Harkens bacl to the neo cons genocidal plan

With our Media lapdogs standing near

Public opinion is controlled through lies and fear

Central, South America, Near and Middle East

Warmongers grow Hungery, its time to feed the beast

Oligarch living on top of the hill

possessing  the weapons that will surely kill

Right wing fanatics still standing strong

Believing their right and everyone else is wrong

Drone strikes, cruise missiles, chemical weapons, just like real War
Nukes are next, and then there is no more!

Instant Karma’s Got Me!

I wrote this poem the other day while I was online. It’s just “fair”, however a friend emailed me and said it was my best poem yet, eoen though there was a bit of plagiarism, stealing from my self proclaimed Guru, John Lennon. Thanks, John!

Instant Karma’s got me! 9/5/2013

Instant Karma’s got me!
punched me in the guts
Got me stewing in this Bug house
just chillin with these Nuts.

Instant Karma’s got me!
Got me running round the bend
Barely knowing if its day or night
Seeking, hoping and praying for the end

Instant Karma’s got me!
Got me crawlin on all fours
Cannot see what’s right in front of me,
Please open up the Doors!

Instant Karma’s got me!
Doing time, not getting out!
Mind games going on  for ever,
Trying to figure what their all about

Instant Karma’s got me!
Got me marching to the bell
Asking the same questions over and over again
Got me thinking this gotta be HELL!


The Wrath of Kali Ma

Oh Kali Ma

Dark Mother, the destroyer

Giver of life, and devourer of children

Consort to Shiva

Virgin, Mother, Crone

I stand naked before you

I cower at your presence

1000257_10151842659153582_1576473564_nOh Kali, Kali, oh Kali Ma

Be merciful, do not consume me

You are the creator,

You birthed existence

I can only see the darkness

Mother of disease and death

Your tongue burns as it lashes out

Oh Kali Ma


When Love Dies

When Love Dies


It’s untrue that love is forever
circumstances change, people change.
The tremendous feeling of lightness,
the interior glow, that sets the soul on fire,
is all but extinguished.
The other, once all consuming, the center of your very world,
now, just another person, after all these years,
looks at you with an absence of feeling.
How did this happen? What went wrong?
How can a love once so strong, so passionate
wither like the petals from a rose.
that hurts!

By Bar Ponneck 7/30/2010

Life is What Happens!

Life is what happens

What a long, strange life it’s been.
Childhood and adolescence were close to normal,
I never felt quite right,
Never fit my image of a normal kid
Dealing with internal demons for so many years.
Adolescence was hell,
The fucking dybbuks took control
Internally screaming, “your not good enough”, “your shit”,
Externally, manifesting as cystic acne, ugly, festering sores

Then long hair, drugs and rock n roll
Feelings of compassion, and forgiveness,i
For awhile the voices got quieter,
Infrequent periods of contentment,
First love, and then the Voices were back
Alcohol, anger, self-hatred
Move away! Leave L.A.!

Transplant to Sonoma County
Twenty-three years old, alone, frightened.
A period of relief, enjoyment, discovery,
The search had begun!
A time of growth, feelings of great love, for life, for spirit, for myself
Politics grabs hold,
Open to new friends,
Seeing myself as worthy to be loved.

Christine, daughter of the Motor City,
Nancy Marie, the wild one,
And then she picked me up hitchhiking.

How do you measure a life?
Marriage, children, many good years.
But the demons reappear,
This time as a progressive, degenerative disease
I watch the life I thought I knew, disintegrate little by little
until I’m stripped close to the bone
And I watch


Three decades spent creating a structure,
A way of being, a persona, a box,
In which to place all our pre-conceptions
About love, family, commitment, hopes and dreams.

Like Schopenhauer’s “Will to Live”, life moves on,
Refusing to address the petty personal dreams, wishes, and prayers
Focusing instead on the perpetuation of a far less then perfect species


–Updated 1/25/2013

Picking up the pieces


She was your caregiver for at least 20 years

 She was there for you in so many ways

She loved you.


Now she is done, she cannot be the caregiver

She is sick and needs to care give herself

The marriage is dead.


She wants and deserves a life!

You’re dragging her down

If you don’t let go, she will leave.


And where does that leave you?

A crip who courts death

Who cannot experience joy.


Who sits in front of this computer

Barely able to move

Alone, frightened, helpless.


Awaiting her return from a short get-a-way

Not expecting a welcome home greeting

But rather the continuation of the transition.


A transition from husband to friend,

From lover to observer,

From one who is intimate,

To one who is the stranger!