The Naked Truth!

The Naked Truth

He stands before you butt ass naked
Stripped of all preconceptions, false assertions or allusions

All that he once convinced himself to be true

Now lies before him in a dark, dank, putrid puddle

Who he once believed himself to be
Has been thrashed and scattered to the four directions
With the cyclonic force of an oppressively hot sirocco wind
All of his persona have been revealed, his masks are now transparent
He pathetically attempts to engender qualities such as
Compassion, empathy, kindness, and honesty
But, he is as Teflon, nothing sticks
Like a frightened animal, his eyes on the lookout
His movements, his actions, are purely instinctual
All that exist is the moment, the present, Right Now

Exposed to the world, he cringes in complete and utter disgrace
He craves for an exit, a means of escape, to disappear
Suddenly aware of his nakedness, he vainly attempts to cover himself

Likened to Adam in the garden
A man beaten down, brutalized, defeated
Trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered life



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