Coming Of The New Morn

Before I turn you on to my latest poem, I would like to pull on your coattails about something. I am a little concerned that no one has taken the time to leave a comment, a critique, or any other type of feedback on any of my writings. You would think after the amount of time I have had this blog up, that some one would have had something to say.

This blog, my poetry page at and my Gofundme, fundraising page, provide me with the access I so desperately need to another world, a world of words, where I can play with the words and create stories, poems and hopefully reconstruct a reality that is not completely trashed, that has a vision of re-establishing a life that is whole onto itself, that has enough substance within itself to be satisfying, and enjoyable and can provide me with the one thing that I am sorely missing – LOVE!
Your comments and feedback will be the creative force, that will set the stage for me to be the best I can be.

So when you read a poem or you happen Yid and the Kosher Pup, let ne know what you think!

The Coming of the New Morn!


Gather around people
Wherever you are
Whether you travel
By foot, train or car
Listen dear friends
And heed that I Warn.
Tomorrow when you wake.
You will greet.
The New Morn.

When all information.
Is controlled by the state.
It won’t make any difference.
If you are early or late.
The past is history.
Today you were Born.
Rise up, stand in line,
And hail.
The New Morn.

Remote control Drones
Are coming here,
New weapon systems
No pilot has to steer
Domestic spying, and killing our own
It’s the calm before the Storm.
Hold your tongue, Shut your mouth,
And salute
The New Morn.

The times are changing
So far, we’re losing the fight
Blurring the edges
Between what’s wrong and what’s right
Choosing to walk the path of peace.
Or fall in lock step, and wear the uniform
The time to choose grows ever so thin
CHOOSE NOW, or lick the boots of
The New Morn.

We’re destroying our Mother,
Poisoning the waters, wreaking havoc all over the lands.
Fukushima is radiating the seas
Big oil is fracking and drilling, and pipe-lining Tar Sands.
Monsanto has plans to patent the planet.
People spill into the streets; the nations flag is worn.
Police in riot gear,
Are there to enforce
The New Morn.

So wake up, Right Now!
Herald the new day!
A new Party has taken power,
They promise their going to stay.
Revolutions in the air
Yesterday is dead, no time to sit and Mourn.
The time is ripe for change.
In this moment it’s the People’s turn
To Seize the New Morn!


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