The Encounter
June 4, 2010

Sitting watching my breath
“Thought” I say quietly to myself
and then gently back
always return, no blame, no judgments
kind of like being in the
movie ‘Groundhog Day’
then gently back to my breath, and thence

“HEY scumbag”
THOUHT. “get lost, your not even real”

“Oh ya, your mother sucks cocks in hell”
“Geese, could you come up with something more original”
I whisper to my demon, “he’s not real, just in my head”

That annoying but familiar voice chatters on,  Drunken Monkey indeed!

“Come on, your going to piss in your pants because you won’t be able to hobble to the bathroom in time” the little bastard wines

“Thought, thought, thought”, and back again

“Hey, let’s think about one of your demented sex fantasies”
breathing, thought, breathing
And always back to the breath.

“Piss off you friggin bastard” I whisper to that irritating demon,

 Beginning to lose my focus and composure.

Thought, breathe,

Come back to the moment



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