Dead is dead—August 21, 2013, A day of infamy!


1429 killed in Syria,

Chemical Weapons strike.

Men, Women, and Children,

Sarin gas does not discriminzte

dead is dead

No matter who we hate!

3 youths killed in Yemen,
Another Drone strike, again
Innocent victims, in an illegal war
A pilotl-less plane, like a video game
Dead is dead,
No matter who’s to blame
!Man goes on rampage,
Kills 22 in an American High school
Young boys, girls, teachers as well,
Then dies by his own hand,
Dead is dead
No matter on whose land
Suicide bomber, takes 46 life’s
Becomes a martyr in Allah’s house
Is there a place at Allah’s table
For the senseless 46 who died
Dead is dead
No matter how we cried

1,500 dead in one day,
A day of wasted life’s,
A day of broken hearts
A day of mourning
A day of innocence lost
But, dead is dead,
No matter what the cost!


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