Amusement Park

Good evening friends and neighbors!

As any of my various characters might ask at this particular time,

What’s Shakin?

and you would respond if you were astute enough,

There ain’t nothin shakin but the leaves in the trees,

and they would’t be shaken if there were no breeze!

That’s straight from the horses mouth, in this case the mouth it issued from was my Uncle Dave.

So, here’s a poem that also was written decades ago, around 1977-78

I traveled down to Big Sur with a woman named Libby. Very short lived relationship.

I ate some magic mushrooms for the first time, and it was sooooo beautiful!


Sunshine and smiles,

the fire dances with life

the air smells sweet

and the Songbird sings of love.

The Great Mother is content
the river flows freely
whilst her daughter chooses flowers for her hair
and the Songbird sings of life.

The redwoods stretch their branches to the heavens
The mountains silently offer their prayers
and the sweetness of life penetrates all
and the Songbird sings of God.

For we all dwell in the heart of God
we can all learn the songs of the Songbird
but we cannot keep her for ourselves
for she sings of the life and love of God,
for all living things, and all this is God.

Sing me a song of life and love
and I will listen with delight
How sweet your song, how tender and soft
Had I not tried to hold you,
I might still be able to hear your song.

Let me sing to you of the God that I know
and see that it is the same.
Would that you again rested on my shoulder
i would not restrain your flight
sing to me sweet sister of life, love, and God.

Let me once more walk within the woods
and laugh and sing of God’s perfection.
Let me dwell in the canyons
Let me sit on the mountain peaks
and bathe in the splendor of all that is God.

Your here and gone in the blink of an eye
So precious, so loving and so aloof.
Let me but taste the nectar of your sweet song
and I will not hunger or want,
for I will have fed on the love of God


Hey , listen up! Big news, stop the presses,

hold the front page,

Nightmare in Slow Motion

My first book of poetry by revolutionary, recluse, and general roust-about

Bar Ponneck, will hit the shelves sometime during the week of Nov. 14th.


So, here we are on Halloween day. I’m sitting in my new apartment up here in Windsor, CA. with nothing to do. I can look at my poetry, watch old movies, or old news clips of myself, when I was someone. Really just one of my many persona’s, masks, identities.

You know I never did like clowns, always saw the seedy underbelly. Carnivals are the same way. Take a look at the face just below this text. Is that a happy face, or a scary face? To me it’s definitely scary. So, you might be asking yourself, what the heck is this poem about? A fair and balanced question. When I first met Robin Louise, I felt like she was on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, then the other images fell into place, along with the tempo of the poem.



It’s a merry-go-round world
with it’s big brass rings
She’s a roller coaster romance
as she dips so she sings.

It’s the haunted house
and the tunnel of love
the depths of the valley’s
and the Heavens above

It’s three for a nickel
five for a dime
it’s a game of illusion
forget those concepts of time.

C’mon brother
win your little lady a prize
bloated head and bloodshot eyes

We bump our minds on bumper cars

drown our sorrows in neon bars

It’s a wrenching gut
a timeless trip
it’s a queasy stomach
from the spinning whip

it’s the house of mirrors
it’s the busted glass
it’s love in the big top
it’s a horse’s ass

it’s cotton candy
it’s the sweetness of life
it’s time on the back streets
it’s the cut of the knife

it’s a dog shit obsession
it’s the ring masters plight
it’s an all day sucker
it’s the clown’s angry bite

it’s a paranoids playground
a romantics retreat
it’s  a space in time
where all lovers must meet

It’s the tears
and the laughter
it’s the light
and the dark

Admission is free
the abode is the Park!


The Scream!

(Some time ago)

Loneliness and Fear

That’s whose running the ship now!

It’s so bloody dark

I stand frozen, unable to move

Unable to think

About anything other

Then how fucking scared I am

The fear Gets caught in my throat

So palatable

I almost choke

My extremities are cold

Yet perspiration washes my face

 soaking my head!

So tangible is the fear, I can

 Taste it, acrid and sour

 fear I can stifle the scram not a second longer!!


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