My Guardian Angels


Tattooed Angels

Protectors of what’s right,

Forever vigilant

All day and all through the night!


Ganesh, Elephant God,

Loyal son of Shiva and Parvati

Embodiment  of  selfless devotion

Provider of strength and honesty


The winged Sufi Heart

Coupled with Yod Hey Vav Hey, the holiest name,

A constant reminder of Who I really am,

And from whence I came!


Phoenix, symbol of rebirth

Arise from the fires of hell

To reclaim thy rightful place,

On the throne from which I fell


Oh Great Buddha

Bodisattva, the compassionate one,

Exorcize my demons, my suffering,

Sitting beneath the Bodhi Tree, thy will be done


imagesOm Mani Padme Hum

Adorns my left arm

Beneath the Double Dorje, Dharma Wheel,

Stating “Life just IS” It is a magical charm


Peace symbol amidst Growing Vines,

a life long bond of daughter and Dad,

Symbolic of ever growing and expanding love

Alive, vibrant, political, for this I’m am forever glad


Celtic Tree of Life, Sustainer of  beauty and grace,

 making connections with all that is alive,

Encompassing the dark and the light

Enclosed in a circle of wholeness,  where all life does thrive

1612872 images

Shekinah, Quan Yin, Gaia, Great Goddess,

Resting in a Pyramid of Power

She is our foundation,

 so necessary by which to scale the tower


We find the ancient holiest of names,

Emblazoned in a ring of fire

Forbidden to be spoken or written

With the promise to take you higher!


A beating heart, Star of David, and Om,

Union of opposites and the universal sound

Life, Compassion, Peace, & Love,

The Divine presence is all around!


My Angels, guardians of body & soul

Artistic symbols of love & hope

Battling a debilitating  disease

Giving me the will and strength to cope


Baruch HaShem







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