It’s a New Day!1

photo-on-8-5-13-at-4-55-pm2.jpgHere goes nothing!

The Restaurant Roust About.

I’m sitting right outside one the best breakfast joints this side of the railroad tracks, and I venture to say all of Petaluma as well.

The Place: Hallies Diner, 125 Keller St.

(707) 773-1143

Take it from one who loves breakfast, this is the place to be. You can tell by the fact that there is almost always a short wait. But, the wait is most definitely worth it!! One of my favorites is the Salmon Scramble. Anything on the menu is going to make your taste buds stand up and say Hallaluya!

If you don;t want to wait, you can try the Tea Room, right down the street on Western Ave. Also very good grub, but their service is considerably slower then Hallies.


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