There is no more!


There Is No More!

Now that Afghanistan is winding down
A new battlefield must be found
Preferably a place with internal strife
Where we can promise a better life
Assurances that no boots will touch their soil
Just as long as we have access to their oil
Innocents cry and wail, rage demands holy Jihad
Osama, Saddam, and now Assad

Regime change in Syria and Iran
Harkens bacl to the neo cons genocidal plan

With our Media lapdogs standing near

Public opinion is controlled through lies and fear

Central, South America, Near and Middle East

Warmongers grow Hungery, its time to feed the beast

Oligarch living on top of the hill

possessingĀ  the weapons that will surely kill

Right wing fanatics still standing strong

Believing their right and everyone else is wrong

Drone strikes, cruise missiles, chemical weapons, just like real War
Nukes are next, and then there is no more!


Instant Karma’s Got Me!

I wrote this poem the other day while I was online. It’s just “fair”, however a friend emailed me and said it was my best poem yet, eoen though there was a bit of plagiarism, stealing from my self proclaimed Guru, John Lennon. Thanks, John!

Instant Karma’s got me! 9/5/2013

Instant Karma’s got me!
punched me in the guts
Got me stewing in this Bug house
just chillin with these Nuts.

Instant Karma’s got me!
Got me running round the bend
Barely knowing if its day or night
Seeking, hoping and praying for the end

Instant Karma’s got me!
Got me crawlin on all fours
Cannot see what’s right in front of me,
Please open up the Doors!

Instant Karma’s got me!
Doing time, not getting out!
Mind games going onĀ  for ever,
Trying to figure what their all about

Instant Karma’s got me!
Got me marching to the bell
Asking the same questions over and over again
Got me thinking this gotta be HELL!